Booking your campsite in 3 easy steps:

1. Select your check in and check-out date:

Once you have selected a check-in date and check-out date, the number of nights will automatically update so that you can check the accuracy of your visit. You’ll also see the price update in our 4 camp areas of the resort allowing you to view if an area of the campground is available based on your expected visit. Green means available and red means not available. Once you are ready to book, just simply click the “book” button to advance to the next step.

2. Enter your personal information for the reservation:

On the next step of the reservation process, after clicking “book” you’ll find an area to enter your name, address and contact info along with confirming your reservation information. This ensures we have the most accurate information prior to your arrival so that we can make your stay as pleasant as possible.

3. Secure your reservation through our secure payment process:

No need to pick-up the phone any longer or email back and forth. You’re able to secure your reservation dates online as well as pay for your campsite so check-in is a breeze. With your online reservation system, you select the area of the campsite you want to stay in, provide any additional specifics, like if there is a site open that you prefer, we will try to accommodate your request. Once you secure your reservation via credit card or PayPal you’ll receive an email receipt of your reservation with Lakeside Resort. It’s that easy.